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Learn How to Dress Like a Fashion It-girl with the Help of These Designers

Fashion is all about expressing yourself and showing off your personal style. And what better way to do that than by taking inspiration from fashion it-girls? These stylish women have a knack for putting together ensembles that are both trendy and unique. If you’ve been wondering how to achieve that effortlessly cool look, look no further. We’ve rounded up a list of designers that can help you dress like a fashion it-girl.

Embrace Minimalism with Celine

When it comes to mastering the art of minimalism, no one does it better than Celine. This French luxury brand is known for its clean lines, neutral color palette, and timeless designs. To achieve that fashion it-girl look, opt for tailored pieces that exude sophistication. A well-fitted blazer, a classic trench coat, and a sleek pair of trousers are all staples in the Celine aesthetic. Pair them with simple accessories and you’ll be one step closer to achieving that effortlessly chic style.

Experiment with Prints and Patterns with Dries Van Noten

If you’re someone who loves to make a statement with your outfits, Dries Van Noten is the designer for you. This Belgian fashion designer is known for his bold use of prints and patterns. From vibrant florals to abstract designs, Dries Van Noten’s collections are a feast for the eyes. To channel that fashion it-girl vibe, don’t be afraid to mix and match different prints. Pair a floral blouse with striped trousers or a polka dot skirt with a geometric patterned top. The key is to have fun and embrace your individuality.

Add a Touch of Edge with Alexander Wang

For those who prefer a more edgy and urban look, Alexander Wang is the go-to designer. This American fashion designer is known for his sleek and rebellious designs. Think leather jackets, distressed denim, and chunky boots. To achieve that fashion it-girl aesthetic, incorporate these pieces into your wardrobe. Pair a leather jacket with a feminine dress or rock a pair of distressed jeans with a graphic tee. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures and layers to add that extra edge to your outfit.

Embrace Femininity with Zimmermann

If you’re someone who loves feminine and romantic looks, Zimmermann is the designer for you. This Australian brand is known for its ethereal designs and delicate fabrics. From flowing dresses to lace tops, Zimmermann’s collections exude femininity. To achieve that fashion it-girl style, opt for pieces that are soft and feminine. Pair a floral dress with strappy sandals or layer a lace blouse under a tailored blazer. The key is to embrace your femininity and let your romantic side shine through.

Mix High and Low with Isabel Marant

One of the keys to achieving that fashion it-girl style is mastering the art of mixing high-end and affordable pieces. And no one does it better than Isabel Marant. This French fashion designer is known for her bohemian and effortlessly cool designs. To achieve that fashion it-girl look, pair high-end pieces with more affordable ones. For example, pair a designer blouse with a pair of vintage jeans or pair a statement coat with a basic tee. The key is to create a balance between high and low fashion to achieve that fashion it-girl aesthetic.

In conclusion, dressing like a fashion it-girl is all about finding a style that speaks to you and embracing it with confidence. Whether you prefer minimalism, bold prints, edgy looks, femininity, or a mix of everything, these designers can help you achieve that effortlessly cool style. So go ahead, experiment with different styles and have fun expressing yourself through fashion. After all, fashion is all about individuality and self-expression.